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Castel San Felice


Castel San Felice, borgo medioevale fortificato

Castel San Felice is located on an isolated hill in the middle of the Nera valley and was a Roman colony. In the 6th century, at the time of Theodoric, a monastic and agricultural community settled there, later it became a Longobard curtis part of the Gastaldato of Ponte. In the 12th century the colony moved to the top of the hill forming the current nucleus around the 1194 church of San Felice, and became the property of Pope Innocent III in 1198.

  • Information
  • Distance from Postignano 21,9 Km
  • Itineraries Car, Bicycle, Horse
  • Included in Cultural, Naturalistic
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  • Geolocation 42.744378
  • Opening times always open
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