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Santa Chiara, Val Canapina

Santa Chiara


Santa Chiara, medieval chapel in the Val Canapina near Cammoro

Along the Via della Spina, coming from Campello and before reaching the junction for Cammoro, opens the Val Canapina, a name due to the ancient traditional cultivation of hemp. In the middle of the valley, on a small hill, is the small Romanesque church of Santa Chiara which was once dedicated to St. Paul, as mentioned in the Rationes Decimarum and the Pelosius Code of the 14th century, and the dedication to the saint is dated to 1333. Tradition has it that the saints Peter and Paul reached the Marche following the Via della Spina, which was one of the routes traditionally used by pilgrims. 

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  • Distance from Postignano 17,0 Km
  • Itineraries On foot, Car, Bicycle, Horse
  • Included in Cultural, Naturalistic
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  • Geolocation 42.874503
  • Opening times visibile from the exterior
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