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Silvignano, historic lodge

Silvignano sits at a dominant position at about 600 meters, between the Pettino and Spina valleys, opposite the ancient fortresses of the Pianciani and it was originally fortified; Silvignao enjoys a wide view on the plain of Spoleto, just outside its cluster of homes, in an elevated positions, are the remains of a watchtower. The oldest elements date back to the 11th century while the surrounding walls are from the 14th century. Together with the castles of Campello and Acera, it was part of the defense system of the Contado of Spoleto. In 1480, Spoleto decreed the annexation of the Silvignano Villa to the Castle of Poreta for a price of 100 florins.

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  • Distance from Postignano 24,8 Km
  • Itineraries Car
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  • Geolocation 42.816873
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