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SS. Felice and Mauro Abbey

Abbazia San Felice e Mauro

The Valnerina is inextricably linked to the origins of Western monasticism for having accepted, according to an ancient tradition, 300 monks from Syria in the 5threfugees century. Mauro and his son Felice were among these exemplary "refugees", who took shelter in a cave upon which the present abbey would then have risen. According to legend, the two hermits killed a dragon that infested the marsh, as depicted in the frieze below the rose window of the present church: this is a myth that alludes to the presence of such anchorites who, having taken refuge close to water springs and guarding important communication road, reclaimed and made fertile the marshy lands that hosted them.

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  • Distance from Postignano 22,6 Km
  • Itineraries On foot, Car, Bicycle, Horse
  • Included in Cultural, Enogastronomic, Naturalistic
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  • Geolocation 42.809726
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